Reality Radio - A World Of Reality In Alternate Media

" The Truth Will Set You Free! - but it's gonna piss you off first!"

- Dr. Bill Deagle, _Nutrimedical_Report_


Are you one of those that Lord Bertrand Russel referred to when he said that the "Lower Classes" would rather die than think? If so, your'd probably rather stick with MSNBC, and click on back outta here. If not, read on!

Do You Know About Sleepwalking? Some of you know this, some of you suspect it, some of you won't believe it! But I'll say it anyway: There is a lot going on on this planet that most people don't even suspect is happening!

Things of monumental importance to us all, but which are barely mentioned by the so-called "news" outlets depended upon by so many for a view of what's going on in the world. Instead, they keep us informed about "wardrobe malfunctions," Tiger Woods' indiscretions, the latest on which bimbo married which brainless machoman, etc. ad nauseam. But of the incidents which affect us all? - Nothing. (It's almost as if ALL the so-called "News Media" were owned by a few members of the same club! - Or Tribe! (Duu-uh!))

Little things like these:

The list goes on and on!

Why don't we hear any of this on the conventional "news" outlets? Because the small number of major corporations who own them (the Corporate-Controlled News Media) don't want you to! So they fill your brain with sports scores, papparazzi shots, thin coverage of the odd real bit of news, and a whole lot of pap! - Cleverly designed to make the sleepwalkers think - if that it may be called - they know what's going on around them, but is in fact just enough information to quell their desensitized curiosity!

This so called "coverage" is enough for the sleepwalkers - those so dumbed-down by a faulty educational system, chemicalized water, essentially poisoned "foods" that they're only firing on about 3 cylinders. But those in various stages along the continuum from waking sleep to fully awake thirst for more than that! Thinking people want real news of what's going on! And they want to share what they know with the rest of those who are at some stage of waking up! They're MAD, and they're NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!

And these people, in greater and greater numbers every day, listen to Reality Radio, in one or another of its various forms. It's running 24/7, and even sometimes carried by a fringe of the Conventional Media - but that's rare. Mostly, you hear nothing, or perhaps just a bit of real Reality, mixed in with jokes about how those who are waking up like to wear tinfoil hats! But! Do You Know About Reality Radio? Guess what? There are two kinds of media on this planet! There is the usual - CNN/CBS/NBC/ABC/CBC/Global/FOX (which numerates to 666, by the way!), etc. - and there is also *Reality* *Radio* Yes, folks, it's actually happened! A number of Real Thinkers have actually found a way to tell The Reality on radio!

It ain't easy! First, the "media" have all been bought out by an ever-decreasing number of big-time operators, whose agenda is hardly Reality - it's propaganda, pure and simple. If you're starting to notice that the news is the same on every network you can find on your boob tube, it may be time to check out Reality radio.

1. Webcasts

One way they get it across is Webcasts. Nope, they don't get to broadcast on your normal FM band - it's already owned by the Big Guys - nor on your normal TV! But they do manage (so far) to put out their pinkocommiebrainwash (aka Reality) over the internet - and you can listen with your computer! All you have to do is go to one of a number of websites, and click the 'listen' button! Here are some with links to the websites of their webcasters. I listen to these guys every day!

Host Broadcaster Link To Website
Infowars: Alex Jones: you can't spell cojones without jones Genesis Comm Network Alex Jones' Infowars
Alan Watt: Cutting Through The Matrix Re[public Broadcasting Network Cutting Through The Matrix
The Power Hour - Joyce Riley at her finest! Genesis Comm Network The Power Hour
Dr. Stan Monteith - More Reality Radio Liberty Radio Liberty
Dr. Bill Deagle Genesis Comm Network Nutrimedical
Jeff Rense Rense Radio Network Rense Radio Network
Mike Rivero Re[public Broadcasting Network What Really Happened

There are many other equally good - and Realityful - radio networks and programs out there. Listen to one; find links to another. But basically, throw away your TV subscription, and find out what's really happening on this planet! And do it FAST! - We don't have much time left!

2. Free Satellite Service

That's right! A Free satellite service! Another thing about which your won't be hearing much on the CCM any time soon! A number of satellites carry FTA programming. Free To Air. Think of it as a replacement for the old-style "free" TV you used to pick up with your rabbit ears! Only now, this is the 21st century, and anyone with an extra few thousand dollars per month no longer has to go through building a TV transmitter and antenna tower, they can just lease transponder space on a satellite such as Galaxy 19, located at 97 Degrees West Longitude, covering the entire western hemisphere. They can choose to encode their programming, and go through the hassle of providing means to decode to subscribers, or they can broadcast "clear" for anyone with a $200 dish/receiver setup to receive in their home.

And many do! All of the above, for instance! And a great number of FTA TV stations as well. Including the best 3 news networks: Al-Jazeera, Russia Today, and Press TV. - the places to go if you're interested in the latest in world events, seen from all sides! There are over 200 TV stations, and almost as many radio stations broadcasting FTA on Galaxy 19 alone!

How do they pay for it? By donations, many sell advertising, just like regular TV stations seen on satellite - except this time, you haven't paid some service like Dishnet(TM) a monthly fee to run commercials into your home - they come for free, just like the rest of the programming. Other stations don't even do ads; they manage to survive on donations from a greatful public.

You can try this for yourself. A satellite system can be delivered to your door for under $200. You can buy any one of dozens of makes from hundreds of suppliers. In fact, once you look into it, you'll be amazed at the size of this market, and the selection it offers. Why haven't you heard of it before? Simple! They don't advertise on the Mainstream Corporate Controlled Media! (They probably can't!)

How to get involved? Just Startpage (only fools use Google!) FTA TV Recievers and stand back! Find a supplier in your town who can help you with installation, or buy from a dealer who will do the same, since the first install can be a little tricky. One such North-America Wide dealer is Rick's Satellite Service, who give away a free dish setup every Friday morning on The Power Hour - one of my favourite programmes. Rick will send you a receiver which is set up for Galaxy 19 as much as possible from the supply end, and supply you with full instructions for mounting your dish, finding the satellite, and getting the whole thing rolling. - And the best thing is, he's done this for a lot of people already, so he can anticipate pretty well all of the problems you might run into.

There are many others. Just go to startpage and search "patriot radio," "freedom radio," "Reality radio," and you'll find many websites offering podcast downloads and streaming audio. There are also subscription sites, which for a small monthly fee, allow downloads and streaming audio and TV featuring a whole lot of Reality with not much Diversion, such as Alex Jones' Infowars, or That Channel

If you're interested in what's really happening on this planet on which you live, I urge you to check them out!

Satellite Broadcasts

If you get interested (and I can't imagine any sentient being not so), be aware that you can access most of the Reality Radio - and TV stations for free - ie, no subscription charge - at home with a purpose-designed satellite receiver and "pizza dish" system, available starting at under $200.00 delivered to your door. One supplier of these is Terry's Satellite Systems. Terry is an old motorsports fan who also sells satellite systems. Connect up and tell him we sent you - he's very helpful in helping with setup and such, as well as a very honest and upright merchant.


Or you can listen with your computer to the webcasts from the links mentioned above - some links above. You can listen live, or to streaming audio, or download podcasts. Whichever way you do it, you'll find either a) enlightenment - "holy cow, where've these guys been all my life?," or b) fear - "my gawd, who are these commiepinkoweirdobastards? And where's my gun?" (plugging ears and humming loudly to self all the while.)

Either way, I just thought I'd tell you - the rest is up to you!

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